other works
installation view, Tokyo, 2007
"kiryu" installation, resin, wire, fishing gut, motor, etc. installation view of Kiryu Saien 13 at Former TAKEDA Fabric Factory, Gunma, 2007

Installation view , Tokyo, 2006

Installation view , Tokyo, 2006
"Picture Planet" intractive installation, 2006

installation view , Osaka, 2005
"Maeterlinck's Blue Bird" installation view at ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka, 2005 Machines are blowing bubbles, and acting silent drama "Maeterlinck's Blue Bird".

installation view , Tokyo, 2005
"visible sound" intractive sound installation, 2005 This work is created in collaboration with Shinobu Inabe, Ryutaro Fujino, Runa Yamamoto. Footsteps are changing as if walking through puddles, in the woods, on the snow and so on.

installation view, Tokyo, 2004

Installation view , Tokyo, 2004
"Butterfly" intractive installation, 2004