Memory of currency

Shells, 4K videos, inkjet prints

The project Memory of Currency is an attempt to create money fossils—links between modern currencies and seashells, which were used as currency before modern times. Inomata inserts a small nucleus—a foreign body—into an oyster shell. Each nucleus is modeled on the portrait of a person used as a symbol on national currency, such as George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, or Yukichi Fukuzawa, Inside the shell, the oyster covers the portrait with nacre, creating a pearl in the shape of the individual. The fusing of currency (manmade) with oysters (non-manmade) results in the emergence of a new kind of currency that is inseparable from a natural species. It leaves us contemplating the possibility that these works could one day be rediscovered as fossils by future humans.

  • Memory of currency
  • Memory of currency
  • Memory of currency Courtecy of Seimei Tanaka, Takahiro Ishido・Yukino Kowaki・Keigo Yanagida (Hirota Site Museum), Kishin Himori・Asuka Taniyama・Hirohiro Koyamada (Space Art Tanegashima)
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