French lessons with a Parakeet

HD video (5min.21sec. / 16:9)

I went to study French taking a parakeet with me, and made a video of this.
Many Japanese people feel an inferiority complex regarding foreign languages, in particular English. Languages are extremely important tools in that they allow people to communicate with one another; however the problem of not being able to communicate with people who speak the same language is also quite frequent.
I brought along a parakeet (called Wasabi-cho) that speaks some Japanese to my French classes.
In the beginning the parakeet was not at all interested in the classes, but partway through it decided that it wanted to take part, memorized its favorite French word “s’il vous plait”, and began to repeat this word out loud during the classes. Strangely, this word has a similar meaning to the bird’s favorite Japanese word “chodai” (which means please give me that). Further, he began to arrange this word with other words he knew, making new words like “Wasabi vous plait” (“Wasabi-cho” and “s’il vous plait”) and “Chor vous plait” (“Chodai” and “s’il vous plait”).

  • French lessons with a Parakeet
  • French lessons with a Parakeet
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