world outside your world

HD video (3min. 2sec. / 16:9)
Photos(lambda prints, 120x83.3cm each of 2)

After the Great Eastern Japan earthquake, the classical Indian concept of the world riding on top of four elephants on a sea turtle suddenly seemed relevant to me.
We know that the world is a spherical shape. However we are only in contact with a small part of the world. Further, this world is insecure, and one could compare it to the impression of riding on top of a large animal.
I put objects on the back of a live turtle to represent a town, and filmed the turtle walking, alternately from up-close and from far away.
While producing this piece, I did research in a village in Gunma Prefecture (Japan). This village has prospered by raising silkworms since the Meiji Period. The houses are collected at the foot of a mountain, and all that connects the village to the outside world is a single bridge. Looking at this town set in a traditional Japanese landscape, it looked as if it were riding on top of a turtle.

  • world outside your world
  • world outside your world
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